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Certified Family Childcare in the North Tabor neighborhood 

Whimsy and Wonder Preschool LLC lives in a sweet farmhouse  in the North Tabor neighborhood.

Schedule a visit, and find out more about our PLAYful approach to learning.

Come for a visit 

We can't wait to meet YOU!  

Current openings- 3 day/week for September 2024


email for a tour 




Tours are offered by appointment.

We offer social distanced in person visits for vaccinated folks, or facetime. 

If you have questions about our program, please contact Heidi    

  • Whimsy and Wonder Preschool is open year round.

  • Whimsy and Wonder Preschool is a full day program -five day,  and part week scheduling options.  

  • Current openings-One M W F opening  September 2024 

  • email to schedule a tour

914 NE 65th Ave
Portland, OR 97213



A PLAYful Preschool Community

What is a "PLAYful Learning Community"? We believe that young children thrive when they are immersed in an rich environment stocked with all the stuff of a joyful childhood: art supplies, blocks, loose parts, books, and real experiences. 

Most importantly, they must be supported by nurturing, respectful, and mindful adults.

Our play-based approach is grounded in Lev Vygotsky’s constructivist theories about how children learn -- through social interaction and hands-on experiences. You will not find adult-led themes or an academic approach to early learning at Whimsy and Wonder Preschool. Instead, you'll discover a child's place, designed expressly with them in mind.

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