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Whimsy and Wonder Preschool offers a play-based full day preschool experience. We call ourselves a PLAYful preschool community, and in pursuit of that goal, we are seeking families who share our values for young children -- an unhurried, joyful childhood full of creation, discovery,  exploration, whimsy and WONDER

We strive to create a community of creative, curious, and confident learners. We offer children the intentional mix of time, space, and materials they need to explore their natural interests and expand their understanding of the world around them.

Everyday we create opportunities for exploration and learning by establishing engaging environments where children feel safe, comfortable, and confident. Whimsy and Wonder Preschool teachers are caring, enthusiastic, and dedicated to helping children grow and blossom.


Head Teacher, Director

I am an Oregon native, and have been working in Portland's progressive child care community since 1986.
My love for this work comes from a belief that caring about and for people is the path to true social change, and creating a peaceful world.

I have been honored to work in some amazing programs over my years of serving Portland families (Childpeace, Multnomah County Child Development Center, New Day School, Montessori of Alameda, Volunteers of America's domestic violence program, and The Child Care Improvement Project) 
My professional strengths are assessment, circle time music and storytelling, classroom management and creative problem solving.

I have also spent a lot of my work life navigating the changing waters of the Child Care Division regulations, and mentoring providers on program quality.  
My degree is in Women's Studies and English, and I have a director's certificate from the Oregon Association of Educators of Young Children; more meaningful, to me, however, is my many years of hands on work with families and in the classroom.

I believe that all people need to be seen, valued and treated with respect.
I have two outstanding children of my own that are mostly grown up.  

I wear shoes infrequently, and can usually be found sitting on the floor, reading stories and singing silly songs.  

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